w/ Maria & Frederic

Maria and Frederic combine different instruments and tools to create a deeply transformative experience. Using their unique sound signature along with voices, crystals and scents, they create a strong healing field, that helps you to access deeper layers of yourself. In addition to providing balance and a sense of unity to the body and mind, this session helps to improve focus, remove blocks (energetic, creative, mental, emotional), and connect with your inner truth.


Our recommendation: This session is ideal to go deep into the subconscious, to reconnect with your soul, your inner truth & vision, to clear deep emotional blocks, to reduce physical pain or anchor specific intentions.


Private session - 1h30 / 220€ 

Pack 3 sessions / 600€

Couple session - 1h30 / 320€

Pack 3 couple sessions / 850€


w/ Maria


During the session, Maria uses Tibetan singing bowls to get a diagnostic and clear imbalances of your energetic centers, also known as chakras, in order to harmonize your being and reconnect with yourself.


Our recommendation: This session is ideal for relaxation, insomnia, stress reduction, anxiety, lack of energy, minor aches or pains, sadness and immune system boost.

Private session - 1h / 160€


A sound meditation, or sound journey, is an immersive experience, stimulating therapeutic effects for the body and mind, through sounds. Through energy work and deep energy management, the sound therapist creates a safe container, a sacred space, well-grounded and energetically protected and clean. Within this space, the participants are invited on a sacred and healing journey. 


During a session, each person is lying down. Depending on personal needs, the session starts with a short introduction and a guided meditation, which allows to enter into a relaxed state to receive healing. Then the space is getting filled with different sound frequencies and overtone vibrations, taking you on a deep inner journey for an hour.


The sounds are created by different meditative instruments including Tibetan and crystal bowls, monochord, shamanic drum, voice, and sounds of elements and nature.


The intention of the sound journey is for the participants to leave their physical body and mental-analytical mind behind in the safe, energetic space created by the therapist. They are then free to journey through the experience of themselves as pure vibration and light. 


This allows one to raise one’s frequency, to overcome karmic issues, clear inherited DNA memories, heal or clear physical, mental and emotional imbalances and blockages. It opens one to receive guidance, knowledge from one’s higher self and information from the morphogenetic field to help heal oneself.