We are excited to share with you the unique program that we carefully crafted for our first retreat in Bhutan, in collaboration with our dear partner Destination Bhutan, expert at organizing unique travels in this sacred land of peace and beauty.

We will be driving the retreat with our sound journeys, yin yoga and healing workshops, and we have selected the most exciting and memorable activities in Bhutan, to please your senses and integrate this life-changing journey.



Your designated Destination Buddy will be in-waiting to greet and escort you to your resort. Along the way, he/she will share intriguing details about the fascinating customs and traditions of Bhutan, so that you get acquainted with the Bhutanese way of life.


You arrive at the resort in a little more than an hour, sipping on a welcome drink. After the assisted check-in, you may take the rest of the day to relax and explore the resort.


On the first evening, meet with the group and both of us, Maria & Frederic. We introduce you to the program and different practices that you will experience during the week.


You finish the day over a wholesome Bhutanese dinner, where you may connect with other people of the group, and rest before the exciting journey begins.




On the first morning, an opening ceremony offers a great opportunity to connect with us as well as the group, and ask questions, if necessary. Then, a gentle Yin yoga session with Maria will help you to connect with your body and relax your mind before entering the first sound journey.


Enter a sacred space of healing with the first sound session, where you slowly sense a deeper attunement of your body and mind, which helps create harmony within you and connect to your soul.


After this session, you are invited to set your personal intentions for the retreat, with a clear and relaxed mind. During this workshop, we provide assistance and guidance to focus your intentions.


In the afternoon, participate in a sacred ritual called Thrisel, guided by local people. It is a blessing ceremony during which you receive holy water to cleanse the body, mind and soul. Lamps may be lit at the end of the ceremony, symbolizing the light of wisdom.


In the evening, after this sacred experience, journey to other realms with the crystal sounds of our sound meditation, to ground the energies of the day and go deeper within yourself.




Start the day with a Yin yoga session with Maria to relax your body and mind, and dive into a new sound journey, to clear and uplift your energy.


People in Bhutan meditate often. To know more about their lifestyle and culture, hike to the nearest farmhouse and experience life as it is for the locals.


In the afternoon, discover and learn the process of making prayer flags, in the vicinity of Changangkha Lhakhang, after which you may return to the hotel for some rest.


The evening is reserved for a sound journey, to help you ground the energies of the day.



This morning, we guide you through a voice and sound healing workshop to discover your inner voice and teach you how to use it to increase your inner peace and joy.


In the afternoon, you are guided to the Buddha View Point, the seat of the huge 51 meter tall statue of Buddha Dordenma, where you can witness the magnificence and refinement of the Buddhist tradition.


After the visit, you may explore the town or return to the familiarity of your hotel.


The evening is set aside for a sound journey, followed by a traditional Bhutanese oil massage, as a treat to nurture your body.  




After checking-out from the hotel, drive to Dochu La pass, 45 minutes away from Thimphu. It is the perfect vantage point to get a panoramic view of the Himalayas. In the lap of nature, amidst the fluttering of innumerable prayer flags, you may contemplate the immensity around you and meditate on your own.


In the afternoon, head to resort in Paro, to rest and enjoy the facilities.


In the evening, experience a sound healing session, followed by a relaxing hot stone bath with curative Khempa herbs.




In the morning, still your mind and uplift your energy with a Yin yoga session followed by a sound meditation.


After the session, we conduct a sacred geometry workshop, in which you learn to create artwork with intention, as tools to heal yourself and activate your highest potential.

In the afternoon, visit the National Museum at Ta Dzong and discover unique mandalas, which are renown and powerful meditative aids, encouraging the spirit to move forward along its path of evolution.

In the evening, relax into a sound journey, and settle down for a lovely Bhutanese dinner and a good night’s rest.



DAY 7 


For your last day in Bhutan, a 6-hour journey with steep inclines, breathtaking vistas and interludes of meditation are planned, until you reach the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery. You may book a helicopter at an additional cost, to skip the legwork and enjoy the sight from up above if you wish.


Head back to the hotel for lunch and rest in the afternoon.


For the final evening, we take you on a last sound journey, followed by a closing ceremony, where you can share your insights and inner experience about the retreat.



DAY 8 


Enjoy a last peaceful breakfast at the hotel before you set out for the airport and travel back home. 


The retreat will be conducted in hotels Terma Linca in Thimphu and Nak Sel in Paro, although you are free to choose any hotel from our list, depending on the level of comfort you wish, as they are all located in the same area. 

3 levels of packages are available to choose from, depending on the category of your hotel. You can see all hotels available and book your retreat on our partner's website:

Super Deluxe ****      6875 $ *

Premium       *****     8844 $ *

Luxury          *******  11227 $ *

*Price per person on twin sharing basis.

You can choose single or double accommodation. Single room will attract a supplement cost.

Prices indicated include visa, accommodation, meals, transport inside Bhutan and all activities.

Transport from your country to Bhutan are not included

For all enquiries, please contact us, we will be happy to give you more information.