_What is a Soul Code?


A Soul code is a personalized energetic artwork containing a unique frequency. It is created by Frederic with the specific intention to expand the connection with your Soul and support your spiritual growth. 


Working as an astrologer, healer and channeler, Frederic uses your astrological birth chart to tune into your being, and create a sacred geometry that can be used as a powerful tool of meditation and self-transformation


_Why should I use a Soul Code?


It is made to accelerate and ease your process of transformation. It holds and radiates the unique frequency of your Soul, nourishing your being, helping you to detach from lower realities and frequencies.

It acts as a beacon, a guiding light for your being. Radiating the truth of your Soul in your daily life. And calling you back home. It serves as an accelerator on your spiritual path. A sacred key to open the doors to your true self.

_How to use a Soul Code?


Once framed, your code can be used as an altar piece, in your living room, next to your bed or in any other room. It will diffuse its energy without the need to do anything for it. It works as a talisman, protecting and uplifting your being. 


You may also use it as a meditation tool to receive the information and energy it contains. You may get insights, visions, information during the process, as a result of receiving these nourishing frequencies for your Soul.


As the Soul code is a blueprint that resonates specifically with your Soul, you may also use it for your personal projects and branding, to share with the world the unique frequency of your Soul contained in this code.


Handmade on art paper. Unframed. 

Requirements: your place, date & time of birth


Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

Please send inquiry for urgent delivery