An aromatherapy eye-pillow filled with plants and crystals, to help your clear your mind and reconnect with yourself.


«Gently placing the eye-pillow over your eyes,

the alchemy of rose quartz and amethyst

begins to lift your spirit and open your heart,

as the sweet smell of lavender fills your being, 

you slowly enter a blissful realm 

of inner peace and harmony;

a place where your truth starts to emerge,

and you finally feel back home.»


  • clear mental overload
  • release facial tensions
  • for your meditation, home restorative treatments or sleep rituals
  • silky coton filled with organic lavender, calendula flowers, linen seeds, amethyst and rose quartz
  • with a removable inner pillow for easy washing
  • handmade by Maria, with love, in France


Delivery time: 7 days

This article is made by hand on demand. We work only with fresh and natural ingredients to provide the finest quality.



About the makers:


Maria and Frederic Hoffmann are healers and meditation teachers. 

Combining spiritual knowledge with a love for aesthetics, they create powerful and elegant tools that help you to harmonise and reconnect with yourself.