_What is an Intention Track?


An Intention track is a musical piece created with a clear and precise intention that you wish to manifest in your life.

As an example, you may want to anchor abundance, joy, self-esteem, harmony or any other intention. 


Sound healer, music composer and channeler, Frederic combines electronic sounds, healing instruments and light language to create a musical piece that can be used as a powerful tool of meditation and self-transformation.


_Why should I use an Intention Track?


Through his ability to work with energies and channel information from higher dimensions, Frederic imprints the frequency of your intention into the musical piece.


The Intention track awakens dormant energies within you, supporting you to dissolve recurring patterns that may block your capacity to manifest this intention in your life.


The more you work with it, the more you connect to the frequency of your intention, thus helping your consciousness to upgrade and manifest your desired reality.


_How to use an Intention track?


Once you download your Intention Track, you may listen to it as a meditation and receive the energy it contains. You may receive insights, visions, information during the process, as a result of receiving the energies contained within the track.


As the Intention Track is a musical blueprint that resonates with the frequency of your intention, you may also use it for your personal projects, branding, videos, to share with the world the energy of the intention you wish to manifest in the world.


Delivery time: 4 weeks