A candle filled with magic, to bring pure vibrations of love into your home.


«This candle opens a sacred space.

Within you. Within your home.

A space where you feel safe.

A space where you feel connected.

With yourself. And the Divine.

A space where you feel nurtured.

Where love can grow,

and your truth can emerge.»


  • fill your space with pure vibrations of love
  • for your meditation, rituals and cocooning moments
  • comes with instructions and a ritual to reconnect with yourself
  • handmade in France, on a special astrological dates, by Maria & Frederic
  • organic soy wax with a special blend of Maria’s therapeutic grade essential oils
  • slightly scented candle, subtle and natural
  • reusable glass with sacred geometry to clear and charge your valuables 


Delivery time: 7 days



About the makers:


Maria and Frederic are healers and meditation teachers. 

Combining spiritual knowledge with a love for aesthetics, they create powerful and elegant tools that help you to harmonise and reconnect with yourself.