This Taurus Moon is deeply feminine. And it teaches us about relationships.

With ourselves. With others. With anything in our reality. Relationships are everywhere in our life.

And what does this full Moon bring us? Love.

Once we integrate more love, we move onto higher octaves of consciousness. We see reality as we couldn't see it before. Problems and blocks which were a burden before suddenly open their doors.

Bringing more love in our perception is the key.

There are so many things we perceive without love in our reality. So many things our mind judge negative. Unpleasant. Uncomfortable. And it creates stress. Frustration. Fear. Anger. Whatever.

This is the job we are asked to do. If we want more harmony in our life.

With all this Scorpionic energy in the background. Stirring the depths of our unconscious. Bringing so many emotions to the surface. We are asked to put our pink glasses on. And shift our perception whenever it is needed. To use our love like a laser beam.

Something is bothering you? Triggering you? Frustrating you? It means you just lost some of your power. Your love is gone on holidays.

Call it back!

Every time you get triggered, remember: Feel the emotion inside. The sensations. Take 5 mn off to welcome the physical reaction. With all your heart. And curiosity. Let the emotion flow through your being. And observe your perception shifting. Observe the lotus blooming from the mud.

This is how we expand our heart. This is how we build love. It takes practice. Dedication. Discipline. To be a mason of Love. Enjoy the process.


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