Dear Friends,

Welcome to the realm of Scorpio. A new cycle has just started this Monday with this powerful Scorpio new Moon. Can you feel the intensity? it's just starting...

We currently have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio... With Mercury starting its retrograde through this mystical sign for the next 15 days. Get ready to go deep...

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, God of War. Our sexual energy, our drive, our motivation are full on.

It is also ruled by Pluto, the Alchemist. Our emotions, our mind and unconscious patterns are getting fired up.

What can you do with this powerful combination? Focus. And die.

Pluto teaches us how to die. To let go of the distorted parts of the ego. Of our inherited patterns. Playing out for so long. And Pluto is not the kind type. He will get you there. Whether you want it or not. The more you hold onto an old part of you, the bigger the pain. But it doesn't matter. Observe the pain when it comes. Because it is through pain that you are pushed to let go. And surrender to the unknown.

This is the teaching of this new 28 day cycle. We will be taught to change. Transform. Transmute. Our old stuck emotions into Gold. We will be pushed to feel deeper. Extreme emotions and mental states. To release them. And let the light shine through.

So whenever you feel a wave coming: Slow down. Breathe. Focus on your inner world. The emotion needs your attention to be released.

Once the emotion is released safely through your careful attention, you reach another dimension of yourself. Because you just went through a small death of your small self. And the world starts to speak its magical language to you. You finally get the reward. You feel more empowered than ever. Expanded. Enlightened. Until a new wave comes...

I wish you a smooth ride in Scorpio my dear friends. With all my love,


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