New Moon in Sagittarius. A fiery 28 days cycle ahead of us. Full of potential. Wisdom. Abundance. Blessings. Divine grace.

Sagittarius is the sign that connects us to the Divine. It connects us with Faith and Trust. The 2 best friends we can have in our life. The faith we need to jump into the adventure of life like Indiana Jones. Sagittarius teaches us that without faith, struggle prevails. With faith, problems become challenges. With trust, mistakes become information. With both, life becomes tainted with fun.

Sagittarius pushes us to expand ourselves. Because it wants us to be a Divine being having a physical experience. It wants us to flow through life with ease and grace. It wants us to be a fully abundant being receiving all the blessings we deserve.

If you are still not flowing or abundant, it's fine, this cycle may help you. To create more space. Because to be able to receive more, you need more space inside. You need to release emotions, ideas, visions, points of view, thoughts, patterns...

The Sagittarius cycle wants to clear up your inner pipe. Because you are a Divine channel. Playing the symphony of the Universe. And whatever distorted program you may have is blocking that channel.

So this month, we will receive massive amounts of light. These high frequencies will move your base. Because they want to go deep down through your roots. To be anchored into the Earth. So that will certainly shake up your roots. Your sense of safety. Your security.

It may create feelings of lack. Insatisfaction. Frustration. Observe patiently. With compassion. Try to expand your vision of these heavy and sticky feelings. Try to expand the way you perceive lack. Frustration. Fear. There are always new layers of perception we can access. And when we do, it's a sign that we have more inner space than before. We have accessed a new dimension of our being. So the blessings, the luck and opportunities can fill up the new empty space.

I wish you all to experience showers of blessings this month. With all my love,


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