This week is going to be fun!

Mercury started its retrograde journey into Scorpio. Excavating the truth. From our muddy emotional realms. Are you ready for the ride?

Everything will pass under scrutiny. As Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac. You can't lie to the Scorpio. He sees through the invisible. What others cannot see. Or hear. He is connected to the morphogenetic web of life. And he feels what is going on behind the scene. So be ready to face your lies. And your truth. As your mind, ruled by Mercury, is sharpened by the Scorpio.

This is the magical gift you may access this week. So when the emotional wave hits you in the face, Surrender to it. Observe it. Feel it. Merge with your hidden fears, your repressed anger and sadness... Let it all come up. And don't loose any bit. Sit comfortably in your cinema chair and watch the storm rising. This will connect you to your deepest Truth.

We are in a massive alchemical tunnel. The fire is heating the pot. So all can be dissolved. Through the fire of transmutation. Death. After death. We are being reborn. Fine tuned. To become more than we ever dreamt of.

So bend your head if you're hit too strong. And just remember to let go. The gift is hidden behind the pain.

Enjoy the ride, With love



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