Libra new SuperMoon.

A fresh new start is awaiting you.

Are you ready for it?

Libra is the archetype of balance.

Can you manage to stay balanced?

In every tasks of your day?

The balanced state is the path of the middle.

You're not too slow. Not too fast.

It is the way of the right effort.

It is being in action while keeping awareness of you being in action.

If you're being greedy and impatient, then you may disconnect from yourself.

Remember, always keep an eye on yourself.

This is what they call Mind fullness.

But the the collective matrix is heavy and sticky.

It brings us down to its programs of fears, doubts, greed...

And we believe in it. Because it feels so real.

And it's not.

That's the good joke to remember.

Learning to know when you are stuck in the fear matrix is the first step.

And how do you know?

Just feel how you are.

If you feel heavy, tensed, frustrated, confused, worried...

You are stuck into the old 3D matrix of fear.

Observe that.

See how it feels to be bound to this old reality and program.

It feels muddy because it's separating you from who you truly are.

Your essence is crying out. So that you can get out of the mud.

Just bring all your awareness like a scientist would, on this sticky feelings.

Observe them carefully, gently.

Note the feelings, thoughts and sensations you have.

By doing this, you shine your light on your darkness.

And the clouds start to dissolve.

And your true Self starts to emerge.

From the limbs of hell.

Only by bravely facing hell will you dissolve it.

As it is unreal. Again, just an old rusty program.

But still powerful. Because so many of us still believe in it.

So for this new Moon, if you want to bring more balance in your life, do one thing:

Take responsibility.

For your darkness.

Face it. With love. And dissolve it.

For the good of all.