This full Moon in Gemini is mental. Ruled by the Air element, our mind may become really busy. Windy. We have a powerful cleansing process at work. With a burning flame dissolving the remnants of our small self. It can hurt. A lot. It may feel like we just don't know what it is to be balanced anymore. Like the rules of the game has changed. And we have to find new ones. Quite unsettling...

This deep purification process will be from 12/12 to 21/12. Put on your seatbelts. Purification involves removing stuck energies from our being. Painful emotions. Our mind may become extremely agitated. Because it doesn't like to be pressurized by external forces. Cleansed. We may overreact to anything around. We may have a difficulties to hold our horses. We may have trouble to stay within our boundaries. And it's fine. It's all part of the process.

If you get burnt, surrender to it. Observe the pain. Again and again. It is here to be observed. To be released. At last.

If it lasts a few minutes, observe. If it lasts a few hour, observe. If it last a few days or weeks. Observe. It's all fine. As long as you observe. And you don't play the victim. When you observe, you take responsibility for your own darkness. And you go out of the circle of blaming yourself. So you can get out of the karmic loop.

You are a Divine being. Having sometimes a shitty experience on Earth. But you are always deeply loved. By your soul family. Your angels. Your guides. Mother Earth. When you don't feel this love, it is as important and necessary as when you feel it.

Try to love the time when you feel disconnected as much as when you feel connected. THIS IS THE GAME OF DUALITY. Did you think it would be easy to incarnate on Earth this time? After so many lives?

You have the wisdom. You have the experience. You have the strength.

True heaven is awaiting you, On the day you will learn, To make love to your pain, Again and again.