Dear friends,

Long time no see. This last month has been a turning point for us. We have moved from our rainy and poetic Normandy to the sunny and lush French riviera. Settled on the rocks of the Cap d'Ail between Nice and Monaco. So I had to cut my blogging activities to focus on this big move.

But Sunday was the Aries full Moon, and I can't miss this occasion to get back to you. So here I AM. As the Aries wants us to show up.

This Aries full Moon was maybe the most powerful of the year. Because it formed some powerful aspects with Pluto, the alchemist, and Saturn, the master teacher.

Aries full Moon looks like new beginnings. Because Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, it has the energy to launch the whole wheel with his fiery energy. And this is how you may feel right now. Pumped up. Driven. Brave. Courageous. Super busy. Hyper active. Our sexual energy center is lit up like a Christmas tree.

Aries is the I AM presence. Your core identity. It is also the energy of the warrior. A strong masculine energy. Being ruled by Mars, the God of war.

So, what are you fighting for? And how?

Are you reacting to everything around? Ready to take out your swords at any trigger? How do you manage this aggressive energy?

There are always 2 ways to handle this energy. Being impatient, getting angry, impulsive, aggressive, agitated. Or you may channel this energy for focused action. And assertiveness.

The masculine aspect is strongly wounded in our world today. It has crushed down the Feminine and there is a lot of healing to do on our masculine side.

As the masculine rules the mind and our capacity to act, it can affect our whole reality so easily. Our vision of men and our relationships with them may be strongly impacted. With an unbalanced masculine, we may have difficulties to be at peace mentally. We may experience power struggles, lack of energy or hyper activity, the need to act all the time and difficulties to receive and just be, or an incapacity to act and get what we want in this reality.

The good news is that the heart center, ruled by our feminine side, is always here and willing to forgive the masculine. But we have to be open for this process to happen. Some of us may have suffered too much from an unbalanced masculine side that we may be closed to heal this aspect of us.

Sunday at the exact time of the Aries full Moon, I created a healing tool just for this. An alchemical candle named "Heart of the Peaceful Warrior", made on this special day, to make peace, to heal, to nurture this masculine energy within. Each time you use this candle, you will receive a deep healing of your masculine aspect to help you restore, balance and integrate a truly empowered masculine. You may find you own timing to burn the candle until the end, as the integration process may release some deep blocks, tensions or fears that are stuck in your energetic field.

It is made out of pure soy wax and contains a special blend of essential oils to facilitate the healing: Frankincense, Vetiver, Ilang Ilang, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Jasmine, Cinamon, Cistus and Rose. A powerful mix of strong masculine plants with nourishing and caring feminine plants.

So if you feel called to work with this aspect within you, I have only 5 sacred candles available, ready to be shipped and to unlock your divine masculine. Price is 80€ per candle + delivery.

This is my offering for this full Moon.

All my love and blessings,