I am delighted to welcome you to my virtual home!


Working with alchemical crystal bowls, a unique instrument of our time, I open a space of light, connecting us with the unconscious, the unknown, and with the higher aspects of our being. With love and care, I embody my mission, which is to support people to discover their resources and highest potential in order to return to a state of wholeness and abundant flow of life.

My intention is to harmonize spiritual and material energies, expanding a person's inner capacity to feel, to restore connection with the wisdom of their heart and Soul. As a guide, I share this with everyone who resonates with my vision and deeply appreciate the trust placed in me by my spiritual guides and people on Earth.


Over the years of practice, I have seen thousands of stories of amazing transformations that have changed both people and myself in this powerful healing process. Remember that any changes and periods that you experience do not just happen to you, they happen for you. This is a place to grow and expand, especially if you feel the need for change or are already experiencing one. Perhaps you are ready for the most important transition of your life.

With love,

Maria Hoffmann.


Maria's sound meditations have healing effects on various levels from physical to emotional, mental and spiritual, combining the power of vibrational acoustic therapy and her guided meditations. She offers a unique opportunity to reboot, dissolve self-destructive patterns, release painful repeating scenarios, energy blocks and psycho-emotional toxins.

Practice with Maria does not require any special training. People of any age, state of health, any religious and other world views, including those who have never meditated before, can become a participant in her programs. During the sound session, each person dives only to the depth for which he is ready, and works through his personal requests and intentions.