Maria is a certified sound therapist who uses crystal alchemy bowls and other therapeutic instruments to harmonize the body and mind.


Trained at the International School of Resonance Therapy, Maria has developed excellent skills to diagnose, restore and harmonize the human bio-energetic system.


Today, Maria combines sound healing with aromatherapy. She provides personalized diagnostics and develops unique formulas to create natural therapeutic perfumes and holistic beauty products.


Prior to her own holistic business, Maria worked for more than 10 years in the advertising, luxury and marketing sectors. She has managed departments of major companies, set up hundreds of projects and events, published a book of poetry and created her own art performance, while changing her life, her job, her vision of the world.

Since 2011, Maria has guided dozens of retreats and thousands of sound meditations for groups and individuals in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Deauville, Monaco, Nice, Cyprus and Mallorca. People have been able to experience the effectiveness of her sessions and her gentle, powerful and sophisticated approach.


Frederic has developed strong spiritual qualities and gifts after many years of Vipassana meditation practice and dozens of retreats around the world. He is today a passionate explorer of the human mind, firmly committed to the Buddha’s noble path and following the teachings of S.N Goenka.


For 7 years, Frederic studied different spiritual systems and holistic care methods, meeting many healers and teachers on his way. He explored and lived in powerful places around the world, full of spiritual history: India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Australia, Canada, Spain, Andorra, Greece, Cyprus, France and England.


Working closely with his master Astrea Sri Ana, participating in her Sacred Mystery School multiple times, he combines his advanced spiritual knowledge with his meditation technique to develop unique tools of spiritual development. Frederic creates sacred geometry codes to help people connect to their essence, their Soul purpose, and to manifest their intentions in life.


Professional astrologer, after 3 years of study at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, he also guides his clients to find their inner truth and highest potential. He also shares his healing gifts through the sound journeys they create with Maria, using his angelic voice, shamanic drum and other meditative instruments to guide the participants in deep inner journeys.


As his clients call him, this "modern shaman", artist and expert of transformation, has gone from being the manager of a 50-employee family business in Paris to the founder of an art and design gallery in the French Alps, to come to heal and guide souls around the world.


Nowadays, leaders, influencers and creative people are the ones who make change happen in the world. Their achievements and influence can be significant and of utmost importance for their community. However, an extreme mental and physical pressure as well as a profound sense of disconnection may result from an overload of activity and information. This can lead to heavy stress and anxiety, physical issues, emotional unbalance, a loss of purpose, meaning or joy in everyday activities and at worst, to burn-outs.


We believe the leaders of tomorrow are those who take responsibility to change and build a harmonious approach of life, by considering all dimensions of their nature: their body, their mind, their heart and their spirit. When these 4 spheres are balanced and aligned, the individual can function in the most sustainable way, for the good of all.


We believe the leaders of tomorrow are those who take responsibility to know themselves, facing their emotions, their fears, their inner blocks, their limiting beliefs, to open their hearts further and unleash the true power of their minds.


By facing all they are, these leaders become magnetic and radiate wisdom. 

By facing all they are, these leaders naturally attract abundance, without the need for competition, comparison or manipulation.

By facing all they are, these leaders inspire others through the power of their trust, and the sharpness of their vision.


We support and empower those of you who dare to change and find their true nature, and we provide some practical tools and knowledge to facilitate your journey.